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We see that people who come to an experienced immigration attorney early on in their immigration journey achieve dramatically better results than those who wait until the last minute.

We start working with clients by having an initial consultation. At the consultation, you can expect the following:

Answers: We will answer your questions. We will keep you informed, address your questions, and update you on new developments in immigration law.

Options: We evaluate your immigration options. Immigration laws can be very complex. The USA immigration attorney will help explain the laws to you in an easy to understand manner and explain immigration options available to you. We will also explain the procedures, timelines, expectations, and possible risks.

Plan: Our goal is to listen to you to help develop an action plan to accomplish your immigration needs. We are here to help!

We charge $100 for consultations (30 mins). We offer online consultations and consultations at our law office.

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At our law office, we work with entrepreneurs who are in the USA or plan to visit the USA, and who wish build a business or a start a subsidiary of their company in this country. Some of our clients-entrepreneurs already hold a U.S visa, such as B visa (tourist/business visitor), F visa (student), or H visa (work visa).

We often work with entrepreneurs and business owners who decided to run a business in the USA and specifically in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

Many entrepreneurs, after researching the best place to start their business, come to California. We are here to guide you through all steps of the legal immigration process from opening your company to getting visas to your key employees.

We touch on many aspects of your future business in the USA, though we primarily consult on how to start the business from legal and immigration point of view. We are excited to work with you!

For a website dedicated to International Entrepreneurs - Click Here.

Business visas:  H-1B visa

H-1B employer transfers, H-1B Amendment

H-1B employer fires you - your options

Consultations for students on OPT status who want to switch to H-1B visa

L visas, L-1 Blanked visa petitions

O visas, O visa review of Self-Filed petitions

How we work on O visa cases?

Green Card Through a Job

Investor visas: E2, EB5

EB-1 visa and green cards, self-petition green cards

H-2A and H-2B visas

H-3 trainee visa

For International Entrepreneurs

Attorney help answering RFE for Self-Filed petitions

Options for Foreign Founders



Our “happy cases” are those for reuniting families, such as adjustment of status for your spouse, kids and relatives.  

Adjustment of Status (green card through family)

USA Green Card through family;  LGBT green card through spouse

At our law office, we also work with people who seek protection from persecution in their home country. We help obtain visas and documents for victims of violent crimes, domestic emotional or physical abuse done here in the USA.

Asylum in the USABreaking News: 2-year work permit is available for Asylum applicants. Applauds to USCIS!

Gay asylum in the USABreaking News: 2-year work permit is available for Asylum applicants. Applauds to USCIS!

Visas and green cards for victims of crimes committed in the USA (U Visa)

Green cards for people emotionally or physically abused by their US citizen spouse (WAVA)

WAVA or U visa?

Domestic abuse, violence and immigration

Violence Against Women (and men) - green cards

Restraining orders (Court orders for your protection)

Waivers of Unlawful Presence in the USA (New law i-601A)

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Family-based immigration, Green Cards, Removal of Conditions

Fiancé visas

All other visas

Green Card through Diversity Lottery


10-Year Green Card Extension

Switch tourist visa to student visa

Attorney help answering RFE for Self-Filed petitions (applies for all types of cases

Impact of immigrants on California     



Legal services for your business

Registration of Corporations & LLC

Assistance with Business Plans

Drafting Contracts

Assistance in business disputes

Planning your immigration strategy before you start business in the USA

Options for Foreign Startup Founders

Immigration law is highly complex. Many people think that they can take care of their immigration problems themselves, which can be true. However, many immigrants soon find out that due to numerous technicalities and legal language it is easy to overlook important details and requirements, which may delay or muddle their desired outcome. Many of our clients find that it is easier, faster, and after all considerations, cheaper to use services of a professional attorney who will help them avoid the unnecessary pains and costs associated with the possibilities of avoidable denials of their cases, delays and even deportation.


Annually, about 28% of all new U.S. businesses are opened by immigrants. Nearly 40 percent of Fortune 500 Companies were founded by immigrants or their children. That is why we added business law practice to our services, so we can help our current and potential clients set up their corporations, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships. We further help our business clients by drafting contracts, explaining intricacies of U.S. contract laws.




Disclaimer: All materials and links posted on this website are provided to you for informational purposes only, and are not to be construed as legal advice. This website does not invite or create an attorney-client relationship and there is no such relationship between you and The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina until an engagement agreement is signed by both you and an attorney from our law office and a retainer fee is paid. If you merely send us an e-mail or fill out appointment request form, this does not create attorney-client relationship. We suggest that you do not pursue your immigration matter without consulting an attorney.