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President Obama Executive Order

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions which will take us closer to an immigration reform. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina applauds President Obama and his administration for the vision and understanding of the desperate need of the US economy to retain and attract talent and innovation. So often we see at our law office US educated bright and energetic people asking us how to lawfully stay in the USA and be a productive part of the economy. In very many cases the options we can present to them are limited. We also work with many companies who want to hire talented employees from abroad and who struggle with cumbersome timelines and sometimes the necessity to rely on luck (for example H1B lottery) when thinking how to take their business to the next level with help of those capable and hardworking innovators. Our office is extremely excited about Mr. Obama’s promise to modernize, improve and clarify immigrant and nonimmigrant programs to grow our economy and create jobs through business related immigration options.

We also applaud President Obama and his administration for the humanitarian approach to families which due to various circumstances are here illegally. We applaud President Obama for his initiative to expand options for families to stay together and obtain the chance to remain here lawfully. The executive action is in line with the core US values and we are glad to see that more people whose families are faced with harsh circumstances of being here illegally will have a chance for the brighter future.

USCIS issued a statement outlining the proposed actions and will define legal initiative further in the coming months. At the Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina we are excited that our clients will have more options when it comes to immigration matters.

click here to read text on USCIS website