I endorse this lawyer. I have known Natalya for some time and referred some clients to her. I received very positive feedback about her professionalism, responsiveness to the needs of her clients, and high level of expertise in the area of immigration law. She has an impeccable reputation in the local community. I highly recommend Natalya.

Yauheni, avvo.com

I was very impressed with Natalya Malyshkina’s services.  I am an attorney, and I referred a client facing serious immigration issues to Natalya and she did a great job advising my client.  I have also consulted with Natalya about immigration issues that other clients could face. She is very knowledgeable, pragmatic, and diligent, and a great advocate to have on your side.  I would highly recommend her services.


Masha B., San Francisco, CA, a fellow attorney, yelp.com

Natalia is one of the most caring and diligent immigration lawyers I have met. From her business clients to individual clients, I have seen firsthand how she helps both with care and integrity. I have personally referred several clients needing immigration help to her, and the experience has always been positive. I highly recommend Natalia for both business immigration  and family immigration matters.

Ben L., San Francisco, CA, a fellow attorney, yelp.com

Natalia is an amazing immigration attorney, she provided several consultations for my personal matters and for my family. She is very easy to work with, very qualified and inspiring. Highly recommend her!

anonymous, avvo.com

Natalia was great in all steps to get my H1B. She was always very kind and cleared all my doubts (which were many) really fast. Also I hadn’t to deal with any paperwork besides the absolutely minimum. I’m pretty sure that you will be very happy and satisfied with his service as well.


Rafael B., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

I had questions and needed guidance getting a Visa: who did I call, Natalia Malyshkina.

I knew someone that need help with asylum papers and immigration documents, I told them, “call Natalia Malyshkina”.

When I needed assistance with marriage paperwork and documents for my wife, we called Natalia Malyshkina and my life couldn’t be better, she even witnessed our marriage ceremony.

Natalia’s approach to her clients is gentle and smooth, but she never sugar coats the truth. She will seek out the facts, research each individual issue independently, and advise her clients with the best possible plan of action based on both the wants and needs of the client and the limits of the law.
However Ms.Malyshkinas’ true value as an Attorney is more than her professionalism in her field or her tenacious approach towards delivering a successful case. Her veritable worth is that of treating her clients as if their struggles or needs were her own. You couldn’t ask for a better Lawyer.

James B., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

I´m a client of the Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina. I´m honestly very glad for choosing services of her office for my marriage based case. Natalia is very professional, cordial and helpful. Every question had been answered to my complete satisfaction, every problem resolved quickly. The immigration process required lots of paper work and that´s what Natalia helped me with. She guided me from the beginning to the end and promptly answered all my questions and assisted anytime I needed.  I can really tell she cares of her clients. Every case matters to her. A real professional! I can definitely recommend her law office.

Zdenek K., Oakland, CA, yelp.com

I had some immigration questions, I addressed them to Natalia. I was relieved to have my case handled so quickly and professionally. She addressed all my concerns. She explained step by step what is the process and what is the best way to fill out all the paperwork. I definitely feel that Natalia is one to take extra care with those who she is working with.

Kat K., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

Natalia, is a person whom I trust when it comes to business immigration or any concerns about visas in the USA. Very professional, loyal and enthusiastic about her job.

The law office located in the heart of downtown, it was very easy to make an appointment with Natalia, cause I work and live in the City.
I recommend to visit Natalia’s office if you have any questions about Visas, Business Immigration and more… Highly recommend and trust!

Artem D., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

I have been satisfied with services that Natalia Malyshkina did provide for me and my friends. She was very delicate and helpful with all questions and complications I had. Very professional, educated, good listener and very polite.

I can guarantee that you will be happy and satisfied with a service Natalia is providing. I will come back to her in a future and will continue to refer my friends and people I know to Natalia’s Law Office in San Francisco for sure!

Thank you so much!

Victoria E., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com