Natalia is professional, and thorough! I would highly recommend her services. She recently helped me exit an LLC partnership consisting of three equal partners that had gone VERY bad. She not only helped both my partner and I exit the company, but she also arranged a generous buy-out purchase agreement and protection against future law suits from our third partner. I can now go on with my life thanks to the amazing and time consuming work that Natalia had dedicated to our company exit.

Liz M., San Francisco, CA,

Natalia is a professional lawyer and I was happy with her service. If you ended up moving to the USA, and need help to do all the paper work such as: student visa, work visa, marriage or any other type of documents that gave you an opportunity to live in the USA. I highly recommend contacting to Natalia. She is a real lawyer who wants to help and make sure she does everything for it.
Natalia helped me with marriage documents. She paid her attention to an every single detail, and she made sure that everything is correct and nothing is missing in the paper work. I like that Natalia answers all the questions before you go home, and she does not make you feel that you take her time or you asking wrong questions. Natalia has a great attitude and she makes sure that she does her job 100%. I highly recommend Natalia!!! Thank you Natalia again!!!

Cisco S., San Francisco, CA at

Natalia is the official immigration attorney for my startup Backplane. She has worked on multiple visas for us and we’re all very satisfied with her work. I would recommend her to other companies that hire abroad and for people who themselves need an immigration lawyer.

Alex M., San Francisco, CA,