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We see that people who come to an experienced immigration attorney early on in their immigration journey achieve dramatically better results than those who wait until the last minute.

We start working with clients by having an initial consultation. At the consultation, you can expect the following:

Answers: We will answer your questions. We will keep you informed, address your questions, and update you on new developments in immigration law.

Options: We evaluate your immigration options. Immigration laws can be very complex. The USA immigration attorney will help explain the laws to you in an easy to understand manner and explain immigration options available to you. We will also explain the procedures, timelines, expectations, and possible risks.

Plan: Our goal is to listen to you to help develop an action plan to accomplish your immigration needs. We are here to help!

We charge $150 for consultations (30 mins). We offer online consultations. In person consultations at our law office are paused during COVID-19.

To book a consultation click “Book Consultation”


At our law office, we work with entrepreneurs who are in the USA or plan to visit the USA, and who wish build a business or a start a subsidiary of their company in this country. Some of our clients-entrepreneurs already hold a U.S visa, such as B visa (tourist/business visitor), F visa (student), or H visa (work visa).

We often work with entrepreneurs and business owners who decided to run a business in the USA and specifically in San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

Many entrepreneurs, after researching the best place to start their business, come to California. We are here to guide you through all steps of the legal immigration process from opening your company to getting visas to your key employees.

We touch on many aspects of your future business in the USA, though we primarily consult on how to start the business from legal and immigration point of view. We are excited to work with you!

Natalia is the official immigration attorney for my startup Backplane. She has worked on multiple visas for us and we’re all very satisfied with her work. I would recommend her to other companies that hire abroad and for people who themselves need an immigration lawyer.

Alex M., San Francisco, CA,

I was very impressed with Natalya Malyshkina’s services.  I am an attorney, and I referred a client facing serious immigration issues to Natalya and she did a great job advising my client.  I have also consulted with Natalya about immigration issues that other clients could face. She is very knowledgeable, pragmatic, and diligent, and a great advocate to have on your side.  I would highly recommend her services.


Masha B., San Francisco, CA, a fellow attorney,

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