H-1B Visa Consultations for people on OPT

A word of encouragement for students on OPT and those who want to work on an H-1B visa. Business immigration busy season is coming up. We usually give a lot of consultations starting December on how to get an H-1B visa. We strongly encourage people to talk to a business immigration lawyer early on to figure out the following points:

  1. Does your education work for H-1B visa?
  2. Should you evaluate your diploma and/or work experience to get an equivalent of US bachelor’s degree?
  3. What are minimum salary requirements you should negotiate with prospective employers? (depends on your profession)
  4. What kind of employer should you look for?
  5. Can you get job offers from multiple employers?
  6. Your OPT/STEM status extension options.
  7. Possibility of enrolling to Master’s degree.
  8. Could you work for a startup?
  9. What if the startup has no funding?
  10. Could your own startup sponsor you?
  11. Can your employer be qualified for H-1B CAP exemption?
  12.  Timeline.
  13.  Cost.
  14. Documents required.
  15. Should I negotiate applying for a green card upfront?

We have noticed that clients who came to see us for a consultation early had the best results because they had more time to choose the right employer and negotiate a good offer.

We start working on preparing H-1B petitions as early as December 2015.

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We will be happy to help.