How We Work on O Visa



1.     You meet with Natalia Malyshkina in-person or via Skype or phone to determine your eligibility for O-1A or O-1B visa.

2.     We discuss all visa options, create a backup plan for you.

3.     We sign a contract and receive the retainer.

4.     We schedule a 1.5 hour meeting to determine the strategy of your case and to discuss available evidence.

5.     We create your case schedule so you know when we meet next and what happens next. You receive our O-VISA-STARTER-KIT.

6.     You send evidence to attorney (copies only, no need to notarize or apostille) with translation.

7.     You fill out our questionnaire and O-1A forms are signed.

8.     We schedule a 1.5 hour meeting at the law office, on the phone or via Skype to review available evidence, adjust the strategy of your case, finalize the official title for your area of expertise.

9.     We obtain expert letters to support our case.

10.  We help prepare forms and support letters and your future employer signs those.

11.  We prepare the petition.

12.  We file the petition.

Timeline: Our office will need about 3 weeks to obtain expert letters. The timeline largely depends on how fast you will send us the required documents.


USCIS generally makes the decision on your case within 2 weeks from filing. USCIS may send a request for additional evidence (RFE). If we receive an RFE we may take up to 2-3 months to prepare the evidence and answer the RFE. It is best to prepare the case with plenty of evidence right away to avoid the RFE.


We look forward to working with you!


Natalia Malyshkina, ESQ

The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina

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