10-Year Green Card Extension

Many of our clients find themselves in a situation that their 10 year green card is about to expire or already expired. We can help!

We will be happy to guide you through the process of extending your 10 year green card.

If you have urgent travel, we may work with you in expedited manner to allow you to travel as scheduled.

With new US Administration, and specifically President-elect Trump coming to power end of January 2016, we urge all people with expired green cards to renew their green cards.

This is especially important for the event the new US Administration follows through with the promise of removing the status of “Sanctuary Cities”, such as San Francisco. You may have to present your green card should you be asked by ICE or law enforcement officers. You need to have unexpired green card to avoid any issues with immigration.

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For information about extension of a 2-Year green card (Removal of Conditions): Click Here.

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