WAVA or U visa?

We are happy to announce another victory for our client in violence against women case. When you are a victim of violence and the abuser is your husband, remember that US government gives you options to escape abuse and rebuild your life in the USA while keeping/obtaining a legal status here (green card). For a woman who suffered abuse from her husband, there are at least two options available. You can apply for i-360 waiver (violence against women case- VAWA) or a U visa. An experienced attorney will help you choose the right path to take to achieve best results.

Even though both VAWA and U visa cases are based on the fact that you suffered abuse here in the United States, one of the cases might be more favorable to you or easier to receive an approval than the other. Such as VAWA requires proof that your marriage was a bona fide marriage (not a fake one) and that you are a person or good moral character, among other requirements. For some victims of abuse these might be hard requirements to prove, especially if you left your husband in a hurry due to his abuse, and you did not take any documents with you. For U visa, you need to have police reports detailing the crime against you, and you should have cooperated with police, among other requirements. Additionally, U visa is subject to a 10,000 annual visa limit.

An experience attorney will help you navigate these requirements and make strategic recommendations for your case to help you make an informed choice of going through VAWA or U visa case. The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina will be happy to see you for a consultation on these matters and help you navigate the complex immigration system of the United States.

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