O-1A Visa Attorney Review Of Self-Filed Petition

At our law office we often work with immigrants who are very educated, talented professionals and experts in their industry.

Many of those clients have been in the USA for a very long time and have local education such as Master’s and PhD degrees from acclaimed USA universities.

Those clients often prepare their own O-1A visa petitions, however they want an immigration attorney to look over the forms to make sure that they submit the case properly.

Here are a few things to look for:

  1. Make sure that all forms are properly signed and dated. USCIS will reject the petition if it is not properly signed or dated.
  2. Make sure you properly fill-out forms, which accompany O-1A visa petition.
  3. Make sure to NEVER file your petition on the last day your current legal status expires. Petitions which are filed without an attorney are very often rejected and sent back to the applicant for very minor mistakes, such as missing pages, signatures in wrong places, improperly filled out checks, etc. If you file your case on the last day and it is rejected you will be out of status. USCIS may exercise discretion and accept your case, however USCIS may also deny your case because you were out of status when you filed it.

Those are the main issues to look for in your self-filed O-1A visa petition. We highly recommend that you work with an immigration attorney on this very important type of case. However, we can also offer services to review your O-1A petition to minimize the risk or rejection or denial for avoidable issues. On those cases we work on hourly basis, not flat-fee payment.

More information about O visas you can find here. O visa.

If you need help with your self-filed O-1A visa petition, book a consultation with us.

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