Online Consultations

The Law Office of Natalia Malyshkina offers online immigration law consultations. Skype or Phone consultations are available. To book a consultation click “Book Consultation”

The client may prefer an online consultation because:

  • Often we are able to offer same day Skype or Phone consultations. We ask to fill out our short intake form and pay the consultation fee before the consultation begins.
  • Weekend and/or late evening immigration law consultations may be available.
  • Lunch time immigration law consultations are available.
  • The situation is urgent and the person needs to talk to an immigration attorney as soon as possible. The client does not want to waste time driving to our office or waiting for an in-office appointment.
  • Some of our clients want guidance and counseling on immigration law because they are negotiating a job offer. The client prefers to talk to the attorney online.
  • Several people want to join for a consultation (such as conference calls for business clients or family members joining for a consultation). It is easier to meet online as opposed to all parties driving to the law office.
  • The client lives in another state, but plans to move to California and needs an immigration law attorney here.
  • Client lives in another state and wants to plan their USA immigration journey. They know good reputation of our law office in helping plan an immigration path (such as choosing to study STEM subjects at school, applying for H-1B visa lottery as soon as you qualify, calling police if you are a victim of domestic abuse or violent crime, etc.)
  • Our business clients travel nationally and internationally, and it is easier for them to connect with the attorney online to get their questions answered.
  • Clients who want to apply for family-based immigration benefits often live far away from San Francisco and prefer not to drive to the city, but rather have their questions answered online.
  • Clients live on the East Coast and due to time difference it is easier to talk to the West Coast attorney.
  • Client lives abroad.
  • It’s just more convenient!


All attorney-client consultations are confidential. This includes Skype and Phone consultations. For very sensitive matters (such as WAVA and U visa cases) we advise coming to our law office for a personal face to face consultation.

Federal law:

Our attorney Natalia Malyshkina is licensed in California, she can practice immigration law in all 50 states. Immigration law is federal law. Attorney licensed in California has the right to practice federal law in all 50 states.

To book a consultation click “Book Consultation”

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